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We offer large selection of Timber Buildings UK wide and Log Cabins, can be used for almost anything, from garden office, playroom, workshop, summer house, studio, in fact you name it we have it... if in the event we don't have exactly what you are looking for, then let us know and we would be happy to design, plan and build your idea.

Our team are here to advise and help you every step of the way. Call us today on: 02892 440 033 or email us.

Cooper Log Cabins is part of the Cabin Group, the UK's largest supplier of log cabins and timber buildings.


Free Delivery

All of our non-residential log cabins are delivered for FREE to the UK mainland.


Installation Service

We offer a full installation service carried out by a fully trained, professional team of installers.


The Best Doors and Windows

We are proud that we offer only the highest quality windows and doors.


Log Cabin Range

Clockhouse Range

Clockhouse Range

Our Clockhouse Pavilion Range is one of our most popular log cabins designs. The Clockhouse log cabin is a pavilion style garden building that combines a unique balance of light and space, with a choice of window positions to ensure that your Clockhouse will look great from every side, making it the centre piece and focus of your garden, and the envy of your neighbours.

Residential Range

Residential Range

Our Residential Log Cabin Range is now particularly popular. With the economy under pressure, many of us are looking to maximise the potential of the property we live in.

Log Cabin Ultimate DF Range

Log Cabin Ultimate DF Range

Our Ultimate PER DURA ( Planning Exempt Range ) log cabin range is great if you are looking for the perfect mix of budget to quality.

Log Cabin Ultimate TF Range

Log Cabin Ultimate TF Range

Our Ultimate PER ( Planning Exempt Range ) TOUGH Range is perfect if you want to add an extra living or storage area and if space becomes limited at home or in your office.

Log Cabin Ultimate Garden Offices-Home Offices Range

Log Cabin Ultimate Garden Offices-Home Offices Range

Home Offices-Garden Office   Home Office –Garden Offices.   Becoming and increasingly popular or necessary choice today is the use of a log cabin or garden building as a home office or studio, offering a pleasing alternative to the daily commute by car or train, jostling with people or fighting for parking.

Log Cabin Ultimate Euro Range

Log Cabin Ultimate Euro Range

Log Cabin Ultimate Euro Range Give us a call today to get the deal of the day!!   At Ultimatelogcabins.

Kent Range

Kent Range

Log Cabin Kent Range

Why our cabins are the best


100% Pressure Treated FSC Timber

will not rot or decay & will last for years...

28mm Timber Floor Boards As Standard

are longer lasting and much, much stronger & safer than thinner, inferior 19mm flooring that is used elsewhere...

Comply With Current Planning Legislation

No planning permission required for our cabins under 2.5 m high - add extra living or storage space without the hassle!

5 Point Locking Double Glazed Windows & Doors

tilt & turn facility* & weatherproof seals keeps your cabin warm and cosy during the winter months with the added peace of mind that it is highly secure...

Double Strength Roof Perlins

We take the time to cut each perlin at a 90 degrees to ensure they take the full weight of the cabin. We put your safety first that is one reason why our cabins are the best on the market!

Range Of Log Thickness

28/34/44/70 plus twin skins 34/34mm and 44/44mm for all year round use - now that is choice you will not find elsewhere!

Interlocking Design

no need for all those screws, nails and tools as all our cabins interlock meaning that there is no damage during construction...

Bespoke Designs Available

if you have a design in mind then contact us to discuss your requirements as we have many years experience in creating tailor made cabins...

Range Of Extras Available

Foundations, insulation, roof finishes, guttering, verandas, room dividers, lean to sheds and more...

Our Best Selling Log Cabins

Hello and Welcome...

We are an experienced and well established company which has built up years of long lasting trust with our customers.

We aim to offer first class in quality and service along side unbeatable prices.

We have a great range of quality log cabins and timber buildings that are great value for money and easy to construct. If you are looking for the full package then we can take care of it for you, from helping you to choose the right log cabin through to preparing the foundations and constructing your log cabin.

Our range includes cabins which are less than 2.5 meters high meaning no planning permission is required to add one of these timber buildings to your garden. Add extra storage space or leisure space without the hassle and without breaking the bank!

Our camping pods are compact, funky little units which offer great sleeping solutions. Do you have a piece of land available? Why not add a few camping pods and earn extra income?

Our range of garden office log cabins offers a practical and affordable solution to working from home. They are spacious, warm and so versatile. Plus they smell so much nicer and are much warmer and more attractive than concrete buildings.

All our log cabins are available in six different wall thicknesses: 34mm / 44mm / 70mm / 90mm / 35+35mm / 44+44mm twin skin. All our twin skin log cabins have double thickness walls meaning that they can be used all year round.

A range of optional extras are also available from foundation bases, guttering, roof shingles, insulation, lean to sheds, verandas and more our range of extras just keeps on growing so that you can create your ultimate log cabin in one simple step!

We also offer bespoke log cabins. If you have a design in mind or want to change the position of a door or window then feel free to give us a call to talk about your requirements and let us help turn your dream log cabin into a reality.

All our log cabins with 44mm wall thickness and above include EU standard double glazed windows and doors with tilt and turn facility, 5 point locking mechanisms for security and weather proof seals.

Our cabins are designed with safety and security in mind. All our log cabins/timber buildings come with 28mm flooring and double strength roof perlins as standard quality you will find hard to beat elsewhere.

Keep your eyes peeled for a number of new log cabins that will be available shortly from log cabin garages, log cabin workshops to log cabin mobile homes and residential log cabins. We will also have our own exclusive range of log cabins that wont be available anywhere else! For more information please contact us or visit our FAQ page or self build guide for help.

Why Choose Us?
Top Cabin Features
Free Delivery

FREE Delivery...

Take advantage of free delivery of Log Cabins to most parts of the UK. We use a professional, efficient team of delivery drivers who will deliver your goods to your door - more details



We offer a full Log Cabin installation service carried out by our fully trained, professional team of installers - more details

Windows and Doors

Best Door And Windows...

44mm cabins come with double glazed ‘Tilt & Turn’ windows plus a 5 point locking system as standard for added security - more details

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