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How will my cabin be delivered?

It is usually delivered on sealed specialised framed pallets and the number of will vary depending on the size of log cabin ordered. We will use a vehicle dependant on the loading for the days deliveries, access restrictions, city restrictions and what is economically the best logistically for us.

Which ever method is used, our highly trained delivery drivers will ensure your log cabin is delivered in the safest possible means.

What do you make the log cabins from?

All our cabins are made from Siberian Spruce which is a hardy wood grown in some of the coldest regions of the world and is ideal for the country's climate. The logs are first kiln dried so that a moisture content between 15%-18% is achieved. This is so the logs can be cut precisely to achieve our famous interlocking design.

Are floors included with the log cabins?

Yes all our log cabins and timber buildings include tongue and groove floor boards which are heavy duty 28mm boards as standard. 

Do you treat the wood cabins?

The cabins will be delivered untreated. This is because to ensure the cutting process is done right they are not able to be pre-treated during this process as it can cause the logs to swell which would interfere with the interlocking system. The cost of the cabins would also have to increase. Treatments can be applied once the building has been built.

However, all the floor bearers are pre-treated. 

We strongly advise customers to treat their wood cabins within 7 days of installation. 

Do the doors and windows come pre glazed?

Yes all the windows come pre-glazed and pre-hung. All you have to do is screw the handles in place.

You have the option to fit a Georgian bead if desired. Also all our windows on our 44mm log cabins come with inward opening tilt and turn double glazed windows with a 5 point multi locking system – quality you will find hard to find elsewhere at the prices we offer.

Which areas do you deliver to?

We deliver nationwide to mainland England, Scotland and Wales FREE of charge. Additional charges apply to the Scottish Highlands and the Islands. Please see our delivery information for areas and restrictions not included.

Do you install / build the wood log cabins?

Yes we have a team of professional and highly trained fitters who have a lot of experience in fitting log cabins. Please see our installation page for more information. To view examples of the quality craftsmanship and work our installers have carried out, please view our image gallery. They have successfully installed log cabins, clockhouse cabins, garden offices, garden gyms, twin skin triple therm log cabins and bespoke log cabins across the country. Our installation service is offered nationwide.

How long will it take to build the log cabin?

It all depends on the size of the cabin and any extra work required. A standard 3m x 3m usually takes 1 day.

Larger cabins such as a 5.5m 4 4.0m Clockhouse cabin would take 2 days.

A twin skin log cabin (this means that it has double walls) take approx 4 days.

Unloading the cabins on site may take up to 3 hours before installation can begin.

Fitting roofing shingles takes the longest time in the whole installation process.

Do you offer any other services?

Yes we offer insulation, roof felt, roof shingles, clear wood treatment, timber framed bases, concrete bases, guttering and more. Please contact us for more information.

How long is the order process for log cabins?

All our cabins are made to order and tailored to your specific requirements.

Standard cabins from our range take approximately 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Bespoke cabins will take approximately 6-8 weeks for delivery.

Cabins plans are sent out to you for you to sign and return before log cabins go into manufacture. 

Where are the log cabins manufactured?

We manufacture our log cabins in Lithuania and Latvia. We have built up a good relationship with our manufacturer over many years of cooperation and work closely on design, sourcing, shipping and we constantly review to ensure we have a market leading product to offer. This means we can set the standards and keep our customers happy. After all, our most effective advertising comes from our customers!

What base do I need for a log cabin?

The base needs to be flat, solid and level. You can choose to have a concrete pad, paved base, timber framed base, concrete plinths, decking, sleepers or breeze blocks. Ideally the base should be 2 inches above the existing ground level to prevent damp. Damp proofing should be considered before installation takes place. We offer a free damp proof course (floor only) with every cabin installation. The base should be at least 100mm bigger than the cabin size.

The base should also be large enough to incorporate any extras such as verandas, decking or lean to sheds.

Do your Log Cabins come in different sections?

Yes, due to our interlocking design, the cabin is delivered in individual pieces – floor boards, wall boards, roof boards for assembly.

Our longest log length is 5.9m long so you will need more hands on deck if you are considering self assembly.

Do the log cabins have roof coverings?

All our cabins have 19mm tongue and groove roof boards but they will require a water proof covering. We can provide and fit roof felt, shingles, slate effect rubber Eco tiles and normal roof tiles for special orders. Please contact us for more information.

Twin skin triple therm Log Cabins have roof sections specially made, 19mm finish is found internally whilst externally the roof is covered with 28mm roof boards.

For some of our designs with pent or flat roof styles we recommend felt or EDPM rubber (ethylene propylene diene monomer (M-class) rubber)
as a better solution. Please contact us for more information.

Do I need planning permission for my log cabin?

This all depends on your garden, where you wish to locate the cabin/timber building and the size of the log cabin/timber building.

Can the log cabins be insulated?

Yes they can. We offer an insulation service which provides 35mm boarding between the floor joists and up to 35mm insulation internally between the roof purlins. Insulation in the roof can be either internal or external. Internally we cover the insulation with matching boarding to give the cabins a nice, seamless finish. Externally, we can increase the insulation boards to achieve a specific U-value and then shingle over the top.

Twin skin triple therm log cabins can be fully insulated in between the internal and external walls which give optimum insulation ensuring the cabin can be used all year round.

How long do log cabin / timber building last?

A decent log cabin will out last a lifetime if maintained and cared for, just as you would with any domestic or commercial building. A quality wood treatment, guttering and general maintenance every few years keeping check on things and the building will last a lifetime.

If you also add guttering to your log cabin timber building then this will also help preserve its life span by directing water away from the walls as it does on your house. Please ensure you follow our care tips or contact us for advice.

Do you have a showroom for your log cabins?

We have many builds sites across the country you can visit to view our log cabins so that you can see the quality for yourself. Please contact us for more details.

What are your best selling ranges?

More than 65% of our buildings are bespoke log cabins due to the fact they can be tailored and made to a customers exact requirements.
We are unique in the market with our service of bespoke custom made timber buildings and log cabins. We will discuss your requirements with you and make a plan to work from. The whole process from start to finish usually gets completed with 8 weeks, this includes the build!

The most popular log thickness chosen is the 44mm log cabins due to the fact we offer tilt and turn double glazed windows as standard with this log thickness. It is also an affordable price to fit most people’s budget.

We have a great range of log cabins to suit most people’s requirements and if we don’t then we simply make you one to your specification!

Can you help with Planning Applications?

Yes if and when it is needed, on most log cabins it is not required.

Do you offer shutters for the windows on log cabins?

Yes, they are wooden and are great for extra weather proofing, insulation and security for your log cabin.

Can I add an extension to my log cabin ?

Yes this is an option we can offer. It will depend on the type and size of cabin and each cabin will have to be assessed individually. Useful extensions are usually a toilet or kitchen area which has become popular for log cabins used as sales offices. Please contact us for more information and to discuss your requirements.